results-focused marketing packages designed specifically with you in mind. 
you are a beyond-busy female entrepreneur trying to do #allthethings, but there simply aren't enough minutes in the day 
Let's get real for a second. 

You have way too much on your plate and could probably use a helping hand. It's not always fun to ask for help, but if you’re struggling to keep up with all the moving pieces of your business…

You don’t have to do it alone. 

(Trust me — it's so much easier when someone has your back.)

Your time is your most valuable resource. 

If I had to guess, you're probably spending a lot of time doing things in your business that aren't giving you the best return on investment. Stuff like scheduling social media posts, writing email sequences, answering comments on your Instagram posts.

Girl, why?? Please don't waste your time!

I'm going to say it again: Your time is extremely valuable. 

You need to focus on the most important parts of your business (like networking, consulting, and creating content!) instead of getting bogged down in the details. That stuff is better left to your team. People who love getting down 'n' dirty with the stats and analytics. This frees you up to do the stuff that nobody else but YOU can do.

But, I get it. In order to do that, you need a team you can trust and rely on.

A team that #getsitdone, looks out for your best interests, and makes sure your ROI is sky high.

Oh, wait...I think I know one of those!
Lover of coffee, cats, and all things pink. You can usually find her on Facebook, window-shopping for dresses, or applying a fresh coat of lipstick. She's 26 years old, loves her husband an unreasonable amount, and spends her days testing out new marketing techniques and creating in-depth implementation plans for her clients.

She graduated in 2012 from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor's Degree in English. Her work background is in publishing, where she spent 5 years as an editorial assistant, specializing in author liaison and layout design. She also has 12 years of administrative and customer service experience.

YAWN. Still with me?

Here's the bottom line >> Miranda is passionate about helping you transform your business into a systemized, well-oiled machine by taking care of all your marketing needs! She's super excited about helping you create more time to spend on the most important tasks in your business (or actually living your life!).
  •  Summit design, setup, and management
  •  Blog post ghostwriting, SEO, and formatting
  •  Custom sales funnels
  •  E-course setup
  •  Facebook group community management
  •  Blog post graphics and templates
  •  Webinar setup and management
  •  Email marketing
  •  Copywriting for social media, sales pages, and more
  •  PR outreach for podcasts, guest posting, and live events
  •  Facebook ad campaigns
  •  Wordpress tech, management, backups and updates
  •  Website design and setup
  •  High-tech integrations
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