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How To Accomplish A Successful Blog Launch

How to Accomplish a Successful Blog Launch

A little over a week ago, I officially launched Miranda Nahmias. I was insanely excited to have a successful blog launch and finally be able to share with everybody what I’d been working on for the past 30 days (yes, I did actually spend 30 days on my blog before I went live).

Today, I’m here to talk about exactly how successful the launch was and what you can do to recreate my results for your own blog launch!

How to Accomplish a Successful Blog Launch

  1. Take your time to set up your blog before launching.

    Right after I first decided to start this blog, I told myself that I was going to pick a date, and then do everything in my power to prepare myself for a great launch before that date came. So I chose December 1st and got to work.

    I set up all the technical stuff, designed my website, came up with a brand concept, established a social media presence, and started getting active in the entrepreneurial communities on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    By the time I finally launched, I was so ready. I’d watched webinars, I’d taken notes, I’d done my research. I’d even built up a small following on social media so that, when it was time to pull back the curtain, there were actually a few people in the audience who were excited to see what I’d created.

    If you don’t have a presence before your launch, how are people going to know that your blog is live and why will they want to check it out? Connecting with people beforehand allowed me to truly launch with a bang.



  2. Give your readers something to read!

    There were a few pages on my blog that I’d yet to fully finish — like my services and portfolio pages, as well as my collaborate page.

    But in order to have a successful blog launch, I did make sure to have a few posts already there for people to read, plus an About Me page, and a working contact form. Basically, you want to have a welcome post, plus 2-5 other posts that showcase the various topics you will be blogging about. And make sure they are of quality content!

    You want people to come back again and again, so get them intrigued.


  3. Give at least one of your posts a content upgrade.

    Building up your email list is essential if you’re trying to make money as a blogger. And you need to grab those emails right from the start.

    Before I even launched, I made sure that I had a MailChimp account set up, and I added a freebie — Everything You Need to Do Before You Launch Your WordPress Blog — to my post explaining why I waited 30 days before launching my blog.

    I didn’t get a ton of email signups on launch day, but I would’ve missed out on all of them if I hadn’t had a content upgrade!


  4. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media

    The biggest thing that allowed me to have a successful blog launch was how much I made use of social media. I used it a lot on the day of my launch, but I also made good use of it leading up to the launch as well. I posted sneak-peeks of my blog design on Instagram, referenced my launch date on Twitter, and asked questions in Facebook groups.

    People knew I was coming, and they couldn’t wait to see what I had to offer.

    When December 1st finally rolled around, I was very strategic about promoting myself on social media. I made sure that I had special (branded) graphics created for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and I used the crap out of them. If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you saw that smiling face of mine that I used for my graphic at least once!

    The MIRANDA NAHMIAS graphic design blog is here!!!! Click now to get your FREE comprehensive checklist on how to start up your own successful WordPress blog in 30 days or less!

Successful Blog Launch Social Media Strategy


I posted about my new blog at the exact time of my launch (11:00am EST) and then had scheduled posts going out every two hours until midnight, all using my launch graphic. I also had tweets going out promoting each specific post I had up.


Using Iconosquare’s analytics feature (paid plans only), I figured out what was the best time to post on that day, and uploaded my graphic at the correct time. My normal Instagram strategy is to post once a day, so I decided not to post more than that even though it was my launch day. I probably could’ve posted multiple times if I’d taken the time to have cool photography ready to go, but I just didn’t end up having time for that.


Facebook, I knew, was going to be my best bet for a lot of click-throughs. I’m in about 10 Facebook groups, and I made use of them all on my launch day.

Usually, when you join a Facebook group, the host allows you to introduce yourself and post a link to your blog. Even though I’d joined some of the groups weeks earlier, I saved up my introduction post and made use of it on December 1st, to let people know about my blog. I also think that a blog launch counts as a “win,” which a lot of Facebook groups allow you to post about, even though, admittedly, it is kind of promotional.

I didn’t want to spam people’s feeds, so starting at 11am, I posted to a Facebook group with an introduction of myself, a link to my new blog, and my launch graphic every 1.5-2 hours. I also changed the wording in each post, because it was really important to me to remain authentic and try to tailer each post depending on which group I was posting in.

I ended up having time to post to almost all of the groups I belong to. The only group that deleted my post as “against the rules” was Caitlin Bacher’s For Love + Money. Which I was fine with! The rest of my posts went really well, and I was super happy with the response I got from everybody. Tons of people congratulated me, which was so awesome. I made sure to let them know how much that meant to me by replying to each and every comment with a personal note, thanking them for their support.


The Results

I did have, in the back of my mind, an idea of how many page views I wanted to get on Launch Day. I went with a pretty big goal of 300 views.

At first, things weren’t looking good. By mid-afternoon, I’d only received about 150 page views, and I was ready to accept defeat. I ended up forcing myself not to look at the stats for the rest of the day, until finally I checked again at midnight….

And I’d gotten 428 views!!!!

My original goal, which I thought was pretty far-reaching, ended up being exceeded by almost 50%!

Just in case you’re curious — Facebook was my biggest source of traffic with 141 referrals, Twitter sent 20 people over to me, and Pinterest gave me 2.

I seriously could not have asked for a more successful blog launch. I’m so happy with how everything turned out, and the amazing support I received from everybody. So many people visited or commented or tweeted, and it truly was one of the best days of the entire year for me (probably followed only by the day I got engaged!).

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Trista, Domesticated Momster

I never put any thought into launching my blog…I thought of a name and started a WordPress account. The only thing I would have done differently was self hosted from the start. I am still to this day not self hosted and probably won’t switch because I’ve heard so many horror stories. Great advice here for those just starting out. I found you through a Facebook group 🙂

Miranda Nahmias
Yes, if you are at all intending to make money from your blog, going the self-hosting route is a MUST. If you do end up wanting to switch, there are people out there who offer that as a service. With my previous blogs, I never put any thought into “launching” the blog either. I didn’t even know that was a thing! But for some reason, I decided to do it differently this time…I guess, to go into it with a more serious mindset? And I really think it paid off! I had four offers join different mastermind groups before I… Read more »
Bubbly Wife

Thanks for all the advice! I used google analytics for my launch and wanted to know which is a better number to go off of.. Visitors or the number of visits?


Wow, you really did your homework! Great job! I didn’t put anywhere near as much thought into things when I started my first blog 8 years ago. I was on blogger, typed something up and hit publish, lol. I think my mom read it. 😉 Your way sounds much more effective!

Miranda Nahmias

Well, I’ve had a few blogs before, so I knew that I really wanted to do it “RIGHT” this time. It was actually kind of fun 🙂

Daniela Uslan

Congrats on your successful blog launch! It sounds like you put a lot of thought into it, and it really paid off. It’s such a good idea to have a content upgrade in one of your very first blog posts. And 428 pageviews on your first day is nothing short of fantastic! Here’s to even more success for you!

Miranda Nahmias

Thank you so, so much Daniela! For your sweet comments and for reading! I’m a huge fan of yours 🙂

Amanda Nel

Wow Miranda – that is a lot of page views for one day! I am sure you are going to rock this blog! The designs you presented for my blog and social media changes are so gorgeous, it is hard for me to pick just one!

Audrey White

Blog launches are so much fun! I loved launching my new website, although there’s already things that I think I could have done to make it even more successful. You definitely did all of the right things, and I’m loving your blog!


Wow, this is awesome! I’m just getting started in my blogging journey and it is so encouraging to read how successful you were and how you made it happen. Do you have some favorite FB groups that you would recommend?

Miranda Nahmias

Sure! I’m planning on writing a post about this at some point, but my favorites are: Savvy Business Owners, Blog + Biz BFFs, The Blog Loft, Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind, and Creative Superheros 🙂


Hi there! I’m launching a blog on March 1. How far in advance do you think I should start promoting over social media and following prospective readers? I’m thinking two weeks to a month, but I have no real basis for that number. Thanks for your help!

Miranda Nahmias

Hi Jess! I suggest 1 month. I even have a blog post called “Why I Waited 1 Month to Launch My Blog” haha. You can check that out here:


This is really helpful. I am still getting my blog put together and should really set a launch date so I have a self imposed deadline. I’m glad to know I’m doing many of the right things. I do have a question about developing a monetization strategy. I actually found your blog by searching on “blog monetization strategy” in Pinterest. I’m curious as to how many affiliates one should have, what to look for in an affiliate, how/when/if to incorporate ads, etc. Would love to hear your thoughts.


Wow! I wasn’t going to make a big deal of launching my blog, but you’ve just inspired me! I’m new to blogging, right now I just have an “under construction” message up on my site, but tonight I’m going to sit down and plan a launch date! Thank you!

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This career sounds interesting! I definitely think being a blogger and knowing how to grow a following and use social media helps!

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