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How to Be Authentic and Snag Clients in Facebook Groups

Want to snag clients in Facebook groups? Today we’re going to be talking all about how to stand out to potential clients and be authentic, all while using Facebook groups to book out our online services.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again. Facebook groups are the BEST place to find and book clients if you are an online service provider. As a virtual assistant, Facebook groups are how I was able to launch my career and create a full-time income for myself.

Because I’ve had such an awesome experience with Facebook groups, I want to share everything I’ve learned with you guys!

How to Be Authentic and Snag Clients in Facebook Groups // Miranda Nahmias

How to Be Authentic and Snag Clients in Facebook Groups

Make it Easy for People to Find Your Website

Pretty much in every circumstance, the goal of posting in a Facebook group is to get people back to your website. BUT most groups have rules against promotion.

So instead of posting a link, you want to encourage people to hover over your name, so that the little preview of your profile shows up.


As you can see in the screenshot, Shannon Mattern is doing it right! She has her business WP+BFF listed as her workplace, so that is the very first thing you see when her preview window pops up.

Once you click over to her Facebook business page, it’s really easy to hop over and check out her website.

This is also a perfect example of why it helps to have an intriguing business name. Mine is boring and just my name, but Shannon’s WP+BFF is super cute and makes me extra want to click over and see what she’s got going on.

Use Photos Strategically

Once again, if you reference Shannon’s post from above, you can see that her personal profile picture is actually her business headshot. Not only does this (a) guarantee that it’ll actually be an appropriate and attractive photo, but (b) it makes it really easy to associate her profile with her business.

For example, if you saw Shannon on Twitter and had been interacting with her there, but then saw her on Facebook using a different or much more casual photo, you might not immediately recognize that it’s her (this happens to me all the time!), which means she has lost that opportunity to connect with you even more deeply on a different platform.

I can totally get why you might not want to use a stuffy or professional photo for your personal page, but I definitely think that just this one small change can seriously uplevel your Facebook group game.

Luckily, your profile pic is not the only place you can use photos!

You can insert photos in a Facebook group post, and that is a great opportunity to share some of those more “real life” photos you haven’t been able to use anywhere else. Got a cute pic of you sipping coffee or holding your kiddo? Share it in a Facebook group (along with a high-quality post, not just the photo by itself!).

Showing those casual photos of you to your potential clients is a great way to stand out and be authentic. They will take notice of you being the real you, and getting to see that inside sneak peek of your life (beyond your headshot) is an awesome way to connect with them and open up a little bit about yourself.

Making a point to be vulnerable and relatable, especially through something like a photo or video, is one of the best ways to snag clients in Facebook groups by showcasing your most authentic self.

Give Yourself a Winning Introduction

One of the best ways to stand out to potential clients in Facebook groups is to come out swinging…with a really well-written introductory post, the goal of which is to:

  • introduce yourself to the group
  • tell everybody what you do
  • who you love working with
  • highlight your expertise

Use my Facebook Group Introductory Post Blueprint and Template (part of The 5-Day Client Challenge) to craft the perfect introduction for yourself, and use it next time you join a brand new Facebook group (P.S. I have a group for female online service providers!).

One of my best pieces of advice about introductory posts is: don’t just use the same old tired language that everybody else uses. Spice it up a bit!

Give us a glimpse into your life and your awesome personality! Tell us about your sweet pets or your amazing husband. Share a pic of your work area, or a cute one of your kids!

The key to standing out to clients in Facebook groups is authenticity and originality. Be yourself and your ideal clients will easily be able to fall in love with you.

Take Advantage of Promotional Threads

Yes, it takes a lot of time to keep up with all of the promotional threads, but trust me — it’s totally to your advantage to do so.

One of the best way to use promotional threads is to share your best content, like your freebies and upcoming webinars.

Most people only share blog posts in promo threads, so going the extra mile and showcasing a really awesome freebie is certainly going to “wow” your potential clients and have them clicking over to your site like crazy.

Just look at this perfect example of what I mean:


Caressa posted about her awesome new Swipe My Welcome Sequence freebie, and everybody is going bananas for it!

Since you’re going to get so many clicks with your best promotional content, make sure that your website is leading them in the right direction! Make sure to include a “work with me” or “services” page on your website, as well as an “about me” page and maybe a “portfolio” depending on what type of services you provide.

Remember: make it really easy for them to get in touch with you! That means, include contact forms and/or buy now buttons in strategic locations for the best results.

So, now that you’ve learned all about how to be authentic and snag clients in Facebook groups, it’s time to start off on the right foot the next time you join one.

Learn how to introduce yourself strategically, and attract those potential clients right from your very first post!

How to Be Authentic and Snag Clients in Facebook Groups // Miranda Nahmias

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  1. Facebook Groups are so powerful, and it’s great when you start to see familiar faces across other groups. I’ve made some wonderful contacts – and friends – by following up opportunities, and trying to be relentlessly helpful in my Groups!

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