The Best Strategy for Promoting Your Blog on Pinterest

If you are wondering what is the best strategy to use when promoting your blog on Pinterest, this post is for you!

Over the course of 6 months, I have taken the time to learn everything I can about Pinterest, and have experimented with a variety of different methods in order to see what gives me the best results.

Promoting Your Blog on Pinterest with Scheduling Softwares

If you’re interested in promoting your blog on Pinterest, you’ve probably heard of both Tailwind and BoardBooster — popular The Best Strategy for Promoting Your Blog on Pinterest // Miranda Nahmiasscheduling softwares that can make the process easier, faster, and a lot more effective.

A common question that I hear people asking is: which is better for me, Tailwind or BoardBooster?

I can see why you might be confused! Melyssa Griffin, creator of the popular e-course Pinfinite Growth is a huge proponent of BoardBooster, while Summer Tannhauser of The Lady Boss League swears by Tailwind.

P.S. Have you taken Summer’s free Pinterest Power e-course yet?? It’s awesome!

So which should YOU use? Personally, I love using both together!

Yes, it is a little bit more of an investment. Tailwind‘s basic membership is around $17 per month, while BoardBooster‘s basic plan is $5 each month (both have free trials, though!).

But using both of these platforms together has skyrocketed my Pinterest growth, and made a huge difference in the amount of page views and potential clients I receive!

My Tailwind Strategy

Tailwind is what I use most often. As a scheduling software, it gives you a lot of control and is also very easy to use. I find BoardBooster’s scheduling features to be clunky and not as user-friendly, so I recommend using Tailwind for your everyday scheduling needs.

Plus, Tailwind has a Chrome extension, which makes promoting your blog on Pinterest even easier!

Right now, I pin 60 times a day using Tailwind, and I love that they supply suggested times based off of your account’s activity.

Promoting Your Blog on Pinterest Using Tailwind

When scheduling the pins for each day, I simply pin one of my own blog posts (to all relevant personal and group boards), and fill the rest of the slots with blog posts from other bloggers that I like.

To keep track of when I should be pinning my own blog posts, I use a spreadsheet that lists out each blog post title, link, and the last day that it was pinned. Then I go down the spreadsheet in order when I am filling up my Tailwind, and add them each in order!

I also have a few links in the spreadsheet that aren’t my blog posts — some are for my free color scheme course, and others are posts in which I’ve been featured on other people’s blogs!

Pinterest Promotion Spreadsheet

Currently, I belong to 33 group boards, and pin to most of them every day. Group boards are an amazing way to quickly grow your Pinterest following and blog traffic.

My Favorite Pinterest Group Boards for Online Entrepreneurs

  1. Grow Your Blog
  2. Business and Blogging Tips for Moms
  3. The Ultimate Blogging & Creative Business Guide
  4. Blogging Biz on Turbo Group Board
  5. Savvy Business Owners
  6. Blogging Boost Official Board
  7. Grow Your Blog + Biz
  8. Femtrepreneur Badass Business Babes

My BoardBooster Strategy

While I don’t use BoardBooster specifically for scheduling posts, it has a lot of super cool functions that no other software has.

Once you log in, you can view the menu for Pinning Tools, and the first one listed is “Campaigns.” Campaigns are pretty awesome, and I use them a lot. For me, I use them to help me automate some of my group board scheduling without having to use Tailwind.

For example, one of the campaigns that I have set up automatically re-pins one of the pins from my “Miranda Nahmias” Pinterest board every 1-2 days to any specific group board. I have one of those campaigns set up for each group board that I belong to, which helps save a lot of time.

The next available tool is the Scheduler, but like I mentioned previously, I don’t make use of that feature. It’s similar to what Tailwind does, but not anywhere near as good or easy to use.

Another great feature BoardBooster has is Looping. Basically, it takes old pins on your boards and recycles them by re-pinning them back to the top again. I use this on my Miranda Nahmias board, so that a new pin for one of my blog posts is always being re-pinned onto that board every day. It also goes through and deletes the duplicate copies, but you can adjust the settings so that it only deletes old pins with a low amount of repins/likes. Such a great feature!

BoardBooster also has some really neat tools such as the Pin Mover and Pin Doctor, but they are an extra cost, so I haven’t experimented with them before. There’s also a brand-new feature that’s in beta testing right now that is designed to help owners of group boards manage them easier!

There are also some different Reports that you can look at in your BoardBooster account. They will show you things like individual board performance and your account growth over time.

BoardBooster Pinterest Account Growth


Basically, promoting your blog on Pinterest is awesome and you should totally do it.

If you’re considering your options, there are quite a few different choices out there besides the two that I mentioned, such as Ahalogy and Buffer, but personally, the combination of Tailwind and BoardBooster is what has resulted in my account growing by over 300% in the past 6 months, so these strategies are what I highly recommend!

Use my Tailwind link and get 100 pins + one free month!

The Best Strategy for Promoting Your Blog on Pinterest // Miranda Nahmias

15 thoughts on “The Best Strategy for Promoting Your Blog on Pinterest”

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      Thanks so much for pinning, Becky!! The only bad thing I’ve heard about using BoardBooster exclusively is that some people notice that Pinterest isn’t as effective, because it’s not “supported” by them officially. I’ve heard rumors that say that Pinterest’s algorithm doesn’t like it if you are using BoardBooster and your pins will suffer a tiny bit. I’m not sure if I noticed that myself when I was using just BoardBooster? But I did notice a HUGE spike when I started combining the two (Pinterest DOES publicly support Tailwind).

  1. Nice strategy, Miranda. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before. I’m focusing on mastering Instagram right now, but do plan on adding Pinterest once I feel pretty good about IG. So, I’ll keep these suggestions in mind. Thanks for sharing this!


    J of

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      You’re welcome, J! Thanks so much for the comment 🙂 Pinterest is definitely my favorite social media platform, but Instagram is awesome, too! My friend Diana has lots of helpful posts on IG >>

  2. Really helpful. Though the question I always have, which I don’t usually see addressed, is how many pins do you need to have before you start employing something like boardbooster? And how many need to be your own?

    1. Hey Linda, it’s more about how many pins you have on each board… so if you want to take advantage of any of these strategies, it pays to have at least 50-100 pins on a board. You want one board to be all of your own pins and then the rest of your boards should be based on your niche and include a mixture of your pins plus others. If you’re utilising group boards, generally the rule of thumb is for every pin of your own that you pin to their boards, you should pin 2-3 of someone else’s. I typically keep a board secret until it has at least 50 pins on it, which isn’t hard to achieve if you’re using Boardbooster or Tailwind 🙂

    2. Miranda Nahmias

      Hi Linda! I started using BoardBooster pretty soon on after I started my blog (within a few weeks). I probably only had a few hundred pins. I think that, regardless of whether your account is new or old, you should be striving to pin about the same amount per day (30-60 pins). Having a tool that helps you do that can be helpful at any stage of the game! It saves the same amount of time either way 🙂 But I would say that I don’t really consider a Pinterest account to be a very active one unless there are at least 50 pins per board, and at least 10 boards total.

  3. I haven’t used Tailwind yet, but I do use Boardbooster and love it, particularly the scheduling and looping features, really powerful for managing group board pinning. I’ve used the other paid features as well, specifically the Pin Doctor, to clean up older pins that might have broken links, it’s very cost effective, they charge you 1 penny per pin… I do this once every three months, costs about $30 to clean things up, worth it in my opinion 🙂

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      I’ve always wanted to try out the Pin Doctor! Glad to know that you think it’s worth it 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Lise!

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      Definitely!! I love being able to automate stuff like that and then watch my page views grow!

  4. Hey Miranda, Thanks for sharing these strategies. I just signed up for Tailwind and I want to be sure that I understand this. When I schedule a pin to pin on 5 boards, it seems to take up 5 time-slots. So when you say that you are pinning 60 times a day, is that perhaps 10 individual pins over 60 time-slots/boards?

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