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The Ultimate Roundup Of Newsletters That Send You Styled Stock Photos! (+ Free Styled Stock Photo Pack!)

The Ultimate Roundup of Newsletters That Send You Styled Stock Photos! (+ free styled stock photo pack!)

I think we can all agree that newsletters that send you styled stock photos are basically the best things ever. I mean, c’mon…free styled stock photos in my inbox?? Yes, please!

Over the past few months, I’ve been diligently keeping a list of all the newsletters I’ve signed up for that sometimes send you styled stock photos. And now, finally, here it is! I’m sharing all of them with you, so that you can go out and get some awesome photos for yourself, too.

Plus, I have a styled stock photo pack for you with 50 photos in it!! Your day just got amazing.

Newsletters That Send You Styled Stock Photos

  1. Shay Cochrane
  2. Pink Pot
  3. Haute Chocolate
  4. Rekita Nicole
  5. Wonderlass
  6. Create & Curate
  7. Diva Gone Domestic
  8. Ivory Mix
  9. Wonderfelle
  10. Amber Creative Co.
  11. Nellaino
  12. Start a Mom Blog
  13. Create Her Stock
  14. Get Color Stock
  15. This Creative Girl
  16. Turquoise and Palm
  17. A Prettier Web
  18. Kreanille Design
  19. Twigy Posts
  20. Mara Burkes
  21. Vogue Web Ventures
  22. City Girl Searching
  23. Emma Lenhart
  24. Boss Latina

Know of any more great resources that I missed? Comment below with a blog that sends you styled stock photos and I’ll add it to the list!

Curious about what the heck to do with all of your new photo goodies? I’ve seen them used for just about anything! Here are a few ideas for what you can do with them:

How to Use Styled Stock Photos

  • Blog post graphics
  • In your Instagram feed
  • In your blog’s design
  • To decorate your opt-in freebies
  • As social media headers on Facebook and Twitter

Did you download your free photo pack yet?! Get on that! You have absolute free reign over these and can do whatever you want with them, just as long as you don’t claim you took them yourself 🙂

I can’t wait to see all of the creative things you’re going to do with them!



The Ultimate Roundup of Newsletters That Send You Styled Stock Photos (plus 50 free styled stock photos!) // Miranda Nahmias

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Tara @ The Shop Gal

Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been blogging for almost a month, so this is great information.


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Shafaq O

You go girl ?


Thank you so much for sharing this. I knew some of them but finding new ones is always a joy.

Cindy Koenig

Hi Miranda! Thank you for sharing this list of styled stock resources. May I add one more? I send out free styled stock images every month (and you can get 7 free images immediately) when you sign up at
Thanks and have a great day!


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