Income Report: @mirandanahmias' Second Month of Blogging! She made a profit of over $450!

My Second Month of Blogging: Income Report

Wow, January was amazing!!

The only real goal that I set for myself was to beat my December profit, and I absolutely did that! In fact, I did that a whole week and a half ago, so I was really really proud of myself!

One thing that I’ve noticed as my blog + business starts to pick up is that it has been really hard to balance everything.

A lot of the time, it feels like I’m either having to choose between content creation and establishing my blog or getting new clients/working with current clients.

As I get busier and busier, I also have been realizing how stressful it is to try to get a business off the ground and work a full-time job! I am luckier than most, as I have a really flexible schedule, but I am still feeling stressed out and overwhelmed quite a bit of the time.

My Goals for February 2016

  • Be less stressed overall and work on creating balance between my personal life + my day job + my business + my blog.
  • Increase my profit per client ratio by valuing my time correctly and being choosier with the clients and projects I take on.
  • Post on my blog 4+ times
  • Create an email course to increase my newsletter subscribers
  • Write to my newsletter subscribers 2+ times


Now let’s get to the juicy stuff! And please tweet about this post for me, would you?

January 2016 Expenses

  • Iconosquare Annual Account Fee = $28.80
  • (1) Passionfruit Ad = $15.00
  • Boardbooster = $5.00
  • Design Elements = $0.67
  • MailChimp = $9.00
  • Buffer = $10.00
  • Blog Hosting (annual fee, divided by 12) = $10.47
  • Paypal Transaction Fees = $13.45

Total Expenses = $92.39 ($40.40 less than last month!)

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January 2016 Income Report

  • Affiliates = $0
  • Google Adsense = $3.85
  • Design clients = $370.00
  • Virtual Assistance (through UpWork and FancyHands) = $97.36

Total Income = $470.94 (Over 2x more than last month’s income!)

Total Net Profit = $378.55

YAY! Wow, this is so amazing! Some people might not think that a less than $400 monthly blog income is anything, but to me it’s everything. Especially since it’s only my second month having this blog, too!

I am extremely proud of myself for all the hustling that went into creating that profit 🙂

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All the Stats and Analytics!

Let’s take a look back at what my December 2015 stats were:

  • Number of blog posts = 10
  • Blog Page views = 1,880
  • Blog comments = 48
  • Email list subscribers = 51
  • Facebook page followers = 102
  • Instagram followers = 299
  • Twitter followers = 362
  • Pinterest followers = 374
  • Google+ followers = 2
  • Profit per client = $26.13


Now, here’s what was going on in January 2016:

  • Number of blog posts = 3
  • Blog Page views = 3,188
  • Blog comments = 39
  • Email list subscribers = 185
  • Facebook page followers = 146
  • Instagram followers = 701
  • Twitter followers = 508
  • Pinterest followers = 422
  • Google+ followers = 4
  • Profit per client = $41.11


I love that my stats increased in (almost) everything! Writing everything all down like this really makes me be able to have a solid understanding of how much I truly am growing! Sometimes, day to day, it can seem like I’m stagnating, or that I’m not making as much progress as I want to be.

But all I have to do is look at these numbers — and, wow, it’s really apparent that I am doing well 🙂

Income Report: My Second Month of Blogging — $470.94. How many clients I worked with and all of the things I spent money on. // Miranda Nahmias Design @mirandanahmias