Blog Analytics & Monthly Favorites: December 2015 (including my income report!) // Miranda Nahmias Design

Blog Analytics & Monthly Favorites: December 2015

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow we are already through with the year 2015!

I remember, at the beginning of last year, I said that 2015 was going to be my best year yet. I was convinced that 2015 was going to be awesome, and it really, really was! Not only did I get engaged, I also took my first trip to Las Vegas, visited Florida and Maryland, celebrated my 24th birthday, and started my very own blog and small business!

December was actually the busiest month of the year, as it alone ended up featuring three of those amazing highlights!


Today, I wanted to sit down and take a breath. Look back at December and really look at how far Miranda Nahmias has come in only 31 days.

When I originally decided to start this blog and business, I had no idea that it would take off as quickly as it has. I thought, for sure, that it would be months before I started working with clients. But already I am working with clients all the time! It is one of my absolute favorite things to do, and I’m so excited to work with even more of you guys in January and throughout 2016 🙂

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Just so you can have an idea of truly how awesome December 2015 was, here are just a few of the high points I experienced last month:

December 2015 Highlights

  • On December 1st, I launched the Miranda Nahmias blog
  • I received 428 page views on “opening day,” which exceeded my goal by almost 50%
  • I worked with 8 paying clients


Amazing, right? I am so, so happy with how everything is going, and I feel incredibly fulfilled by my work.

Now, let’s break down my income and expenses.

December 2015 Expenses

  • Domain name = $4.90
  • Web hosting per month = $10.47
  • Blog theme = $69
  • MailChimp monthly fee = $10
  • Buffer monthly fee = $10
  • Facebook ads = $5.43
  • Random office supplies/design elements = $22.99

Total = $132.79

December 2015 Income

  • Client design work = $209
  • Affiliate links = $0
  • Google Adsense = $11.13

Total = $220.13

Total Profit = $87.34


YAY! It may not seem like a lot to some people, but I am over the moon about earning an extra $87 last month! That will go a long way to help pay for my winter heating bill!

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Now, let’s look at blog & social media stats!

As of November 31st…

  • Blog Page views = 0
  • Blog comments = 0
  • Email list subscribers = 4
  • Facebook page followers = 28
  • Instagram followers = 188
  • Twitter followers = 249
  • Pinterest followers = 268
  • Google+ followers = 0

As of December 31st…

  • Blog Page views = 1,880
  • Blog comments = 48
  • Email list subscribers = 51
  • Facebook page followers = 102
  • Instagram followers = 299
  • Twitter followers = 362
  • Pinterest followers = 374
  • Google+ followers = 2

That’s a total increase of 343%!!!!

Moving On to the Fun Stuff!

Now that we’ve got those boring numbers out of the way, we can talk about the fun stuff! I’m a big fan of reading (and writing!) monthly wrap-up posts, so today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite things from December 2015.

Favorite Music:

Favorite Television Show or Movie:

Making a Murderer


Favorite Instagram Photo I Took:

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.57.55 AM

(see it here)

Favorite Book:

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling


Favorite Blogger of the Month:

Katelyn from The Crown Fox!

Katelyn from The Crown Fox

(photo from Katelyn’s website)

Katelyn’s brand The Crown Fox has EXPLODED over the past month!

She came out with an awesome Facebook group, her Brand Vixen community, and now she is pre-selling The Brand Experience.

If you’ve ever watched Katelyn on Periscope, you know that she is super-sweet and totally awesome. She absolutely gets my thumbs up, and is hands-down my December 2015 Blogger of the Month! I really couldn’t have possibly picked anybody else! She is seriously dominating that hard right now.

Follow her on: Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook

Blog Analytics & Monthly Favorites: December 2015 (including my income report!) // Miranda Nahmias Design