My March 2017 Income Report: Focusing on My Own Business

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Let’s jump right in with this March 2017 income report! I’m super excited to share with you guys what’s been going on with me lately.

What’s Up With These Income Reports, Anyway?

Ever since my very first month in business (I made a whopping $87), I’ve been sharing my income and expenses for each month, in order to give other online entrepreneurs a good baseline of what a real business looks like during its start-up phase.

My goal with these posts is to give you guys a super realistic look into what type of income and expenses you can expect from being a “girl next door” type of online entrepreneur who isn’t making 5-6 figures each month (yet!).

Let’s do this!

How I'm Coping with Making $3,000 Less Income Than I Made Last Month. My March 2017 income report for digital marketing/virtual assistance agency // Miranda Nahmias & Co. Digital Marketing & Virtual Assistance Agency for Female Online Service Providers

March 2017 Income Report: An Overview

I’m not going to sugarcoat it — March was a slow month for me. But, that was actually a really good thing. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been participating in the ScaleUp Mastermind program offered by Create Your Laptop Life. It’s an 8-week intensive coaching program where you learn how to scale up from a solopreneur making ~$5k/month to a bigger business making $10k+ each month.

In order to get the most out of it, I’ve had to reduce the amount of client work and networking I’ve been doing, so it makes sense that the numbers for this month are a bit low. Instead, I focused on taking a step back and completely reworking the inside of my business. The past few weeks, although slow with client work, have been insanely productive for me.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve made a few small rebranding changes on the site, such as a new logo and a new homepage design. There’s still lots of changes to come, and I’ll keep tweaking things as I grow and change, but there’s been a ton of behind-the-scenes work like that in order to get ready for huge growth in the future as I transition from a small virtual assistance team into a true digital marketing agency.

I’ve been working closely with my project manager and we’ve been developing some super solid workflows for my team. I’m redesigning my sales pages and creating new packages and offerings.

Overall, while March (on the surface) was not a great month for me, it was crucial for my growth to spend some time working on the backend of my business, and I’m so excited for where things are headed.


  • I hired three new people for my team — Along with my brand-new intern, I also hired a direct-response copywriter and a WordPress tech expert to round out my team! We’re starting to accomplish bigger and more awesome things than ever before. I’m so happy about where my team is right now!
  • My new funnel went live! — You might have seen some new Facebook ads for my 191 Facebook Groups list! It’s a really cool resource for online business owners who are looking to network in niche-specific Facebook groups. Pipe & Lime developed this funnel for me, and it’s been an amazing experience! So far, we haven’t broken even on the launch, but I’ve had a huge boost in list growth and have sold quite a few products.
  • I offer coaching now — I was invited to be a coach on the Create Your Laptop Life team and have worked with quite a few different ladies over the past couple of weeks! If you’ve been thinking about booking a call with me to go over client acquisition, email marketing, Pinterest, or anything else I specialize in, now’s the time.

Business Goal Setting

My Goals For March 2017: Success or Failure?

  1. Achieve my Quarter 1 goal of having 9 people subscribed to the Perfect Pinterest Package — SUCCESS! Honestly, I’m pretty darn impressed with myself that I met my goal on this. At the beginning of the year, I sat down and made revenue goals that would lead to me achieving a $60k year in 2017. This goal was part of that, and I did it!
  2. Get back on my old schedule of doing 2x/weekly Facebook Live videos in my VA Collective Facebook Group — SUCCESS! A couple weeks went by where I hadn’t posted anything, but since I was focusing on spending a lot of time in my own business in March, I was able to start doing this again! My group is now almost 1,000 members strong!
  3. Develop a system to put out weekly newsletters — FAILURE. I wish I’d done this! I’m still working on it, but I just haven’t had time to dedicate to that yet.

My Goals for April 2017 — Let’s Do This!

  1. Develop a system to put out weekly newsletters.
  2. Get my new sales page live.
  3. Make $500 in infoproduct sales.

March 2017 Expenses

**Annual expenses not included (such as Tailwind*, hosting costs, and LeadPages). 

Total Expenses = $2,935.06

March 2017 Income Report

  • Affiliate & JV Sales = $699.53
  • Google Adsense = $8.98
  • Passive Income Products + Coaching = $567.64
  • Perfect Pinterest Package = $714.00
  • Client Work = $3,252.80

Total Income = $5,242.95

Total Net Profit = $2,307.89

March 2017 Income Report: All the Stats & Analytics!

  • Number of blog posts = 4
  • Monthly blog page views = 8,642
  • Email list subscribers = 3,655
  • Facebook page followers = 510
  • The VA Collective group members = 819
  • Instagram followers = 3,726
  • Twitter followers = 5,626
  • Pinterest followers = 4,402
  • Google+ followers = 51

Final Notes on My March 2017 Income Report:

After such a high month of sales last month, it was a little discouraging to see the numbers go down this low.

I haven’t made less than this in a month since November 2016. Even though I know the reason why my income was so low, and I know that it was ultimately a good thing for my business, it’s still pretty hard for me to be seeing my income be so much less than previous months.

That being said, it’s still $1,500 in my pocket on top of my part-time job, so I can’t complain too much.

After all the work I did behind the scenes in March, I can’t help but think that April is going to be seriously awesome. I’ve got four prospective client meetings on the books for this week (so far), and sent out two 10-hour invoices to new clients in the past 24 hours. We’ll see how the rest of the month goes, but that makes me think that things are back on the upward trend!

How I'm Coping with Making $3,000 Less Income Than I Made Last Month. My March 2017 income report for digital marketing/virtual assistance agency // Miranda Nahmias & Co. Digital Marketing & Virtual Assistance Agency for Female Online Service Providers

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  1. Hi, I’m just starting out in the blogging world. I’m in the process of setting up my site. Most sites I’ve visited talk about how easy it is to set up a blog in 3 easy steps. They all stop when it comes to actually creating the site layout, design and how to choose a theme. I’ve finally chosen my theme. I bought a Genesis framework with a child theme, but I’m still trying to figure out how to design it and make it suitable for public viewing. Any ideas or suggestions.?

  2. You are amazing girl!! Wow! You are still knocking it out of the ballpark and you have some many amazing services and products!!

    I’m working on a course for Twins Mommy and it’s like walking through molasses! One step forward and five steps back… #lifeofmomwithtwins

    So happy for you and your biz!

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