Maintaining a Feminine Social Media Presence

Maintaining a Feminine Social Media Presence

Being feminine does not always need to be associated with flowers, pearls, dolls, and the color pink. No, to be feminine (noun) is to be associated with being female. This differentiation is key, as social media messages targeted specifically to females should be created in order to resonate deeply within women.

So if running feminine social media is more than bows and diamonds, what does it look like?


At the emotional core of the female demographic lies a strength, an intensity, and a commitment like no other. This is the reason that women are able to give birth, be loyal to friends and family for life, and exist with a ferocity that is unparalleled.

As you are beginning to see, there is a different kind of femininity out there — the war cry of women. If you can tap into it, blog posts can quickly go viral, photos can be retweeted thousands of times, and millions of women will claim it as their own.


Running Your Feminine Social Media Accounts

Several of the ideas that quickly come to mind when it comes to running social media accounts that cater to a female crowd are complex, but worth noting:

  1. No two women are alike — It’s not safe to assume that all women will love the same types of posts. However, by choosing foundational truths that have an authentic feel, many women will feel compelled to rally behind a social media posting or account.
  2. Market research — Find out what your target market wants. The best place to do this? Spend time in Facebook groups where women hang out. This will help you to quickly identify which types of women you relate to the best.
  3. Recognize the era — We are in a time unlike any other. The struggles are real for women trying to find balance in a world of many different roles. Open the conversation to the real issues of women who are juggling many different expectations.

Don’t forget that femininity is changing, but is becoming a beautiful and unique process for women everywhere. Leverage this information in the process of creating your feminine social media marketing plan.


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