Why Code is the Best Skill to have in your Tool Belt for 2019 - Miranda Nahmias & Co.
Why Code is the Best Skill to have in your Tool Belt for 2019 // Miranda Nahmias

Why Code is the Best Skill to have in your Tool Belt for 2019

There has never been a better time to learn to code! Seriously – with new technology being developed at its fastest rate ever, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and an increasing number of jobs in the tech sector, knowing code is becoming a must-have skill that will set you apart from the competition and make you more desirable to work with.

There are countless reasons that you should learn to code. Code and coding education is something for which I have an overwhelming passion. I could go on for days about this topic!

If you’ve never thought about learning to code, I’m going to tell you exactly why it is my strong belief that you should learn to code for the coming year. If learning to code has crossed your mind but you just never found the time – let’s face it, there just aren’t enough hours in the day – I’m going time tell you why you need to make the time for it!

Why Code is the Best Skill to have in your Tool Belt for 2019 // Miranda Nahmias

Why Code is the Best Skill to have in your Tool Belt for 2019 // Miranda Nahmias

Why Code is the Best Skill to have in your Tool Belt for 2019

Do you feel stuck at your current hourly rate? Are you not getting paid enough for the work that you do? Tired of working evenings and weekends?

I hear you – I was there.

Just imagine if you could double or triple or even quadruple your current hourly rate – think of the possibilities! Yes, it is possible because I did it and it took me less than 5 months. Don’t get me wrong, it took a lot of hard work and long hours, but it’s possible. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps I took to achieve this:

  1. Learn to code
  2. Build a WordPress site from scratch
  3. Start a business
  4. Network
  5. Learn new skills

Bottom line – in my experience it takes having a sought-after skill (i.e. web development), a helpful and trusting attitude, good networking skills and a willingness to never stop learning and improving.

I’ll never forget the first time I was introduced to code

I was a Business Consultant at a University and I was asked to update a blog post with FAQs. Their system was clunky and not at all user-friendly, but I wanted to add the accordion effect to the FAQs, so what did I do….I Googled it.

Code was completely foreign to me, but I figured I might as well give it a go. I started copying and pasting random bits of code, refreshing the page, trying again, seeing change, trying some more…until finally, it worked. I couldn’t believe the magic. I’d just typed a few random bits of code on a page, hit save, refreshed another page and saw the changes. I was literally in awe…and I haven’t looked back since.

I Googled everything I could find about web development. What does it mean? What does the work entail? Are there coding languages I need to learn? What’s the difference between front-end and back-end? Do I need a degree?

Part of the way through my learning journey, a friend started up a business and needed a website, so he ‘hired’ me. EEEEK! What the hell was I thinking?!? For some reason he had confidence in me, so I figured, ‘let’s do this!’

For the next five months, I was completely hooked on code. I started off charging $20/hour, I built sites from scratch, found paying clients and continued learning new skills.

There I was one night, doing exactly what I’d promised myself I wouldn’t do (scrolling through my Facebook feed at 1 am) and then it happened. Someone in a Facebook Group needed immediate web development help. I reached out and said I could help. We had a few emails back and forth, she sent through the info that night and we hopped on a Skype call the following morning and she was my first $75/hour client.

Within just five months I had quadrupled my hourly rate! I continued on that upward trajectory and nowadays, I’m charging $100+/hour for my web development services.

MORE reasons why you should learn to code

  • Code is a real, marketable skill that you can put on your resume
  • You don’t need a degree to learn to code
  • Earn more, work less, live more
  • You can learn to code in your own time
  • Learning to code is empowering
  • Learning to code will boost your confidence (seriously, I could go on for days about this one)
  • Code is not just for men or geeks in dark rooms 😉

Code is a real, marketable skill that you can put on your resume

Coding is a marketable skill because it’s in high demand. It’s a tangible skill that you can demonstrate and put on a resume. You can show people real life, functioning products of your work and that’s what makes it stand out from other online skills. People like to SEE what you can do which is why coding is such a fantastic skill to have. You don’t need to learn all the programming languages, but those that you do know, you can add to your skillset and LinkedIn profile. Plus, it’s freakin’ cool to tell people you can read and write code 😉

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You don’t need a degree to learn to code

Absolutely anyone can learn to code. All you need it a bit of determination and persistence. You don’t need to go back into education to learn a programing language. There’s no application, enrollment or mandatory classes. None of that. There are literally no barriers stopping you from learning to code. As I said, I started learning to code by Googling code snippets and playing with a text editor.


Earn more, work less, live more

One of my favorite things that learning to code has enabled me to do is LIVE more. So many people seem to have a ‘live to work’ mentality, and I used to as well.

Now that I know how to code and have my own web development business off the back of that, I can ‘work to live’! Because I have learned a whole bunch of desirable skills, I have the ability to charge what I want ($100+/hour).

Not only does that mean that I can afford the lifestyle I want, but I also have the time to live that lifestyle!

Just over six months ago, we made the decision to ditch our sticks and bricks home and move into a RV so we could travel full time!

None of this would have been possible without learning to code, the increased earning potential and the location independence that comes from being a freelance web developer. Instead of being cooped up in the RV all day working, I can work as much or as little as I want and make sure there is time to explore the awesome world we live in! If you don’t believe me, check us out on Instagram @destinationnomad.

Now, you don’t have to move into an RV like I did. You could travel the entire globe staying in hotels and AirBnB’s, or you could relocate to somewhere amazing like Bali which is very remote worker friendly. When you learn to code, you’ll be able to earn more, work less and live more! The world is your oyster!

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You can learn to code in your own time

There is no degree necessary to learn how to code and better still, you can learn it in your own time. You could spend 30 minutes a day or 30 hours a week learning to code. It’s up to you how much or how little time you put into it. If you’re busy with other work or life commitments, that’s not going to get in the way of learning to code! Take it at your own pace and make it suit your lifestyle.

Learning to code is empowering

I have found everything about being able to code incredibly empowering.

Learning any new skill through your own will and determination is empowering because it shows that you CAN learn something new. Having this knowledge and being able to understand more about technology also gives you a sense of empowerment. Coding is effectively the process of creating something from nothing, making something new, that didn’t exist before YOU created it!

It’s like being a digital construction engineer!

Learning to code will boost your confidence

I have struggled big time with my confidence and imposter syndrome, and I’m sure this is no stranger to you too.

Learning to code has increased my confidence because I have been able to see myself grow and measure my progress.

Looking back on where I was 5 years ago, I have come a long way and that gives me so much confidence. Problem-solving, troubleshooting and coming up with solutions is one of the aspects I really love about coding.


Code is not just for men or geeks in dark rooms 😉

Last but not least, code is not just for men or geeks in dark rooms! So many people hear the word code and run for the hills because it terrifies them. They think that code is hard and only certain people can learn this skill.

Anyone can learn to code, male or female, young or old, as long as they are willing to give it a try. It’s definitely got a learning curve, but what nowadays doesn’t? Learning anything new is hard to start with but after a while, it will become second nature.

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The proof is in the pudding

I had a conversation with a woman on Instagram who reached out because she was going through my FREE 5 Day Coding Challenge.

She’s 51 years old and has absolutely zero tech skills or experience. She told me that she can hook up, tow, back up, set up an RV and light a fire, but when it comes to working a phone, using a printer or cable TV she’s lost!

Despite this, she told me that she finds coding BEAUTIFUL. All the colors in the text editor, spotting mistakes and seeing the patterns is something that she’s really enjoying about code. She has never considered herself ‘techie’ before but after the FREE 5 Day Coding Challenge, she is super excited to see where this skill takes her. If that doesn’t show you that ANYONE can learn to code, I don’t know what will!

Another great example on the other end of the spectrum is my first ever mentee, Beth.

She got great grades all the way through education but ended up dropping out of her College nursing degree. After that, she went from one dead-end job to another, never feeling professionally satisfied or challenged and making just enough to support her family. She’d almost given up and thought that, because she didn’t have a degree, this was how her professional career was going to look for the rest of her life.

That was until she learned to code!

She didn’t have a techie background as such, but being a millennial meant that she was no stranger to tech. She learned to code and even branched out into technical writing, social media management and running ads.

After learning to code, there is nothing that Beth won’t try her hand at. Knowing code has given her the confidence to take on any challenge that is put in front of her.


Top reasons why learning to code is the best skill to have in your tool belt for 2019

There has never been a better time to learn to code!

This is a very real, very marketable skill to have in 2019. With an ever-growing tech industry, this is a highly sought-after skill. There are so many resources available for you to begin learning to code and there is literally NOTHING to stop you.

You don’t need a degree, you can learn at your own pace and it is accessible to ANYONE!

There are so many benefits that come with learning to code. You can earn more, work less and live more of the lifestyle that you dream about! Code is not just for geeks locked away in dark rooms – code is for anyone who wants to feel a sense of empowerment and skyrocket their confidence.

If you love learning and are interested in increasing your earning potential, code is the skill for you. Code is for the creative and logical thinker alike. In this day-and-age, learning to code is for anyone who is willing to give it a go!




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