Four times per year, I open up my signature internship program, which I developed to help mentor aspiring service providers.

As a student in this program, you get exclusive and unlimited access to the behind the scenes of my business, as well as to me.

My goal with this program is to teach you from the ground up how to become an amazing service provider. Through completing tasks for me as a subcontractor and working through my comprehensive training program, I will show you how to use all of the standard programs and give you loads of experience doing all of the things you could expect to do on a regular basis as a full-time service provider in your niche.

So far, I’ve run this program 7 times, and have had crazy good success with it each time.

In fact, one time I ran this program, both interns I chose ended up quitting their day jobs by the end of the internship!

My past interns include Sabrina Phillip, Alexandra Williams, Abigail Dyer, Beth Nyhart, Miranda Hassen, and Mari Crawford. All six of these girls now run thriving businesses of their own. 

After only a few weeks of working with me, Allie experienced her first $5k month. 

Beth is now a successful digital marketer who builds funnels for online business owners, and she has consistent $5k+ months. 

Sabrina is making seven figures a year and was recently interviewed for Forbes. 

Mari Crawford went from $0 to $3k months during her time spent working with me.

Seriously — I’m not tooting my own horn when I say that this program is life-changing.

No other mentor out there offers anything like this. But, you really have to be ready for it, and know that there will be a lot of hard work involved. I’m only interested in applications from people who are truly serious about making a full-time income as a service provider.


  • 3-month training program
  • $12/hour compensation
  • 24/7 access to pick my brain via Slack
  • Consistent work for you every week (between 2-10 hours)
  • Want to learn a specific program? Let me know, and I’ll teach you!
  • Behind-the-scenes access to see exactly how I run my business
  • A wide variety of tasks in many fields, giving you tons of unparalleled experience
  • Free access to my Systematic Marketing School
  • Must be open to working together long-term after the internship at a higher pay rate