How To Make Your Site Stand Out To Potential Clients

How to Make Your Site Stand Out to Potential Clients

One of the most commonly asked questions I hear from my subscribers (and ladies who belong to my Facebook group for virtual assistants) is…how to stand out to potential clients?? Or, more specifically, how to get clients in general.

The topic of bringing in a new client is a big one, so today I am just going to cover one piece of it: how to make your site stand out to potential clients. Sure you may have an amazing personality and extremely helpful services, but your website is a huge piece of actually getting those clients to either interact with you or purchase something from you.

Your website is what usually stands between you and your client. Your site is the middle man, so how it looks and performs is directly related to whether or not potential clients will take the leap and hire you.

4 Ways to Make Your Site Stand Out to Potential Clients

#1: Attractive and Unique Website Design

Okay, this is a pretty obvious one, but it needs to be said. It might be tough to hear, but if your site looks like crap, you will probably have a hard time getting clients. Subconsciously, people equate poor design with cheap or low-quality service. Having an attractive website will showcase your potential and make your clients feel like you are a good person to hire.

A nicely designed website highlights your attention to detail, good taste, and value. 

Luckily, a good website does not have to come at a huge expense. If you want or need to DIY and aren’t a designer yourself, stick with a clean look that will not distract from your services. There are plenty of free or low-cost WordPress themes (or a basic Squarespace site) that will allow you to do this without breaking the bank.

My favorite customizable themes for WordPress are the Total theme (what I use now, for intermediate/expert Wordpress users) or Nose Graze’s Tweak Me theme (perfect for beginners and very customizable).

Alternatively, if you are looking for a gorgeous refresh, check out Amber Creative Co.’s website design services for her help creating a beautiful website and brand.

Speaking of which, maintaining a consistent brand is another key aspect of your website that will portray your expertise. Stick to your signature color scheme and fonts, and consider your target audience.

Need some help? Check out my free email course on how to make a color scheme.

#2: Utilize Video Content to Step Up Your Game

Over the summer, I really started to get more into recording videos for my website (you may notice them on my homepage or the video trainings page).

Ever since I introduced them as part of my site, I started to get a ton more interaction from potential clients! In fact, I booked 20% more introductory calls during August than I did in July, a lot of which I attribute to my desire to uplevel my website with video.

If you want to learn exactly how to go about doing this, plus the 5 key videos you need to record, check out my upcoming webinar!


#3: Make Your Blog a Priority

This is a biggie! I am always surprised by how many online service providers I come across that don’t have a blog on their website. Or, they have a blog, but they are not using it correctly.

This is something that I could probably talk about for hours, but I will try to be concise so that this blog post isn’t too long!

Firstly, yes, you should definitely have a blog on the website where you are advertising your services. There is no question about this. Having a blog on your site does a couple of really awesome things:

  • Brings a ton more traffic to your site
  • Allows you to stand out to potential clients as an expert

Once you have a blog, use it properly!

Don’t just throw up one blog post and expect thousands of people to come running. It does take a few weeks (sometimes months) of consistent blogging to start pulling in a decent amount of traffic. Aim for at least 50+ views per day if you are just starting out. If you have been doing this a while, 500+ views per day is a better goal.

Remember to consider your target audience (a.k.a. your potential clients!) and write blog posts that they would find interesting. Try answering common questions they might have about your service. For example, if you are a wedding planner, you could write a blog post called: 5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner.

Lastly, after you have a few posts up there, remember to be proactive about promoting those blog posts. Check out my detailed post on Exactly How to Promote Your New Blog Post.

#4: Strategically Place Your Contact Forms

This is a weirdly specific and kind of “duh” thing to mention, but I swear, when I was first getting started out as a virtual assistant, strategically placing my contact forms was a huge reason I got so many inquiries.

Basically, the goal of your website is to get people to hire you, right? So don’t make it hard for them to do so!

These are the pages I recommend including a contact form:

  • Contact Page
  • Services Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • About Page
  • Homepage

Having that easy access to get in touch with you is exactly what will spur people to send you a quick note.

Need help with contact forms? I highly recommend the one that comes with the JetPack plugin. Check out my post: Everything You Need to Know About the Jetpack Plugin.

Your website needs to tell potential clients all about your business, your personality, and how you can enhance their lives. So make sure you are putting some effort into it!

When I started prioritizing these things on my site, the response from potential clients was incredible. For someone who is on the fence about who to hire, having a professional, informative, visually appealing website could push your business to the top of their list!


How to Make Your Site Stand Out to Potential Clients // Miranda Nahmias

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Elna | Twins Mommy

Awesome post Miranda!
As a freelance writer, I can attest to having a blog on your service page. I did have one for the first year, but once I create a course I moved my blog to focus on attracting new freelance writers (rather than potential blogging clients) to funnel them to my course.

That’s neat about video. I never thought about using it on my site, but that could help increase my inquiries! Thanks for the tip.


Great read thank you! I never even thought about the placement of contact forms 🙂


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Awesome advice. Great tips to stand out. Loved the one on placing contact form strategically!

Danielle Wilson

Great post, very helpful! Your blog design definitely does stand out for most I have seen! GO GIRL!