How to Book 9 Clients in a Single Weekend

Yup, I actually did this once.

A few months after starting my business, there was a weekend when I booked myself NINE CLIENTS.

It actually went by in kind of a blur. It wasn’t until I stopped for a second that I realized I had actually sealed the deal on nine new projects. Not all of these were huge projects, but nine? Two months later and I’m still super impressed with myself!

It was a big turning point in my career, and it happened so early on!

Looking back, I realize now that I was doing a few things successfully that allowed me to book so many new jobs in just one weekend. Today I’m sharing these 5 money-making strategies, all of which (when done together) lead to a huge payout for you!

If you’re ready to learn how to book a whole bunch of new projects, keep reading!

How to Book 9 Clients in a Single Weekend // Miranda Nahmias Design

5 Strategies to Book 9 Clients in a Single Weekend

Be consistently present.

If you aren’t consistently writing blog posts, sending out newsletters, and being present on social media, potential clients will forget all about you. If they don’t see you, they don’t know to buy from you.


If you want to make it as a successful entrepreneur, you need to constantly be on the minds of your potential clients. Show up in their Twitter feed, pop up on their Pinterest, and be available on Facebook. Post at least one photo a day on Instagram. You need to be seen.

Remember that some of your audience members only follow you on certain social media channels and not all of them. If they’re only following you on Twitter, then you need to be dominating Twitter. Don’t let one social media channel slide by just because it isn’t your favorite.

Make your life easier with social media schedulers, so that you can be virtually everywhere all at once. My favorites are Buffer, Tailwind, and Later (previously

Remind your audience of your products and services

It’s normal to think that all of your followers know exactly who you are and exactly what you do. You’re constantly talking about it, right?


The truth is that you are not the center of your audience’s universe, and it’s quite possible that they won’t remember all of the products and services you offer.

Keep reminding your followers of all your great products and services. Run a sale, host a giveaway, or simply mention one of your offerings in a social media update.

There have been many times when one of my audience members says, “Oh, you do that?!”

I just booked a new client earlier today because they saw that I have “graphic designer and virtual assistant” listed in my email signature. I mostly talk about design and branding, so it’s understandable that some of my followers might not even know that I am also a virtual assistant!


Use Facebook Groups

I cannot say this enough: Facebook groups are where it’s at! If you run a service-based business (especially if you’re B2B) and you’re not using Facebook groups to get clients you are SERIOUSLY missing out! 80% of my clients come through Facebook groups, and they send a lot of traffic to my blog.

Read this blog post about how to get clients from Facebook without being sleazy!

Have a close group of Biz Besties.

I am a part of a mastermind group with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and a lot of my business has come from these ladies — either from them directly hiring me, or because they recommended me to someone else.

If you really want to book clients now, ask your Biz Besties if they need any help in your area of expertise, or if they know anyone else who might be looking to hire someone like you. Ask your Biz Besties to spread the word about a product sale or encourage them to re-pin one of your promotional pins on Pinterest.

As long as you give just as much as you take, it’s perfectly okay to ask your Biz Besties to give you a hand!

Follow up with past clients.

Have you ever worked with a really great client? Send them an email and see how they’re doing since you last worked together! Remind them of your services and reconnect with people who already know how great you are.

A lot of my clients are either repeat customers, or referrals from happy clients. Go above and beyond when you are working with clients and they will be dying to help you get more business.

Even if they don’t need you at the moment, it still helps to check in on clients every now and again. You want to make sure that they always ask you for products and services before anyone else, and that they recommend you to all their friends, even if it’s been awhile since you last worked together.


How to Book 9 Clients in a Single Weekend // Miranda Nahmias Design