9 Simple Habits that Boost Your Productivity

You are juggling a lot of things, and wearing several hats (especially if you’re doing this yourself!) To do all of these things (without dropping the ball), you should leverage the power of these 9 habits that boost your productivity. The less thought you put into what you need to do gives you more brain energy to actually execute! Habits that boost your productivity will do wonders for your business as well as keep you sane in your personal life!

Did you know that 40% of what we do is a habit? These are actions we take without using any brain power because they are so ingrained in us. Sometimes, these habits have been with us as early as childhood! We don’t have to think about them. If we want to make a bold change by adding or removing something to our routine, we use up our finite willpower to execute. Let’s dive into 9 crucial habits of bloggers who execute #allthethings.

9 Simple Habits that Boost Your Productivity and Save Time

1. Do something for yourself every day.

I know, you are super limited on time. I totally understand. Here’s the deal: you show up for your audience, for your subscribers, and your customers better when you show up as your best self. The work you do can be exhausting and overwhelming.

9 Habits that Boost Your Productivity // Miranda Nahmias

Energize and inspire yourself with a special something. Give yourself a hobby or activity to look forward to every single day (no matter how small). Choose something different than your work. Paint a picture, exercise or read 10 pages of a book. Rather than doing work all the time, a creativity habit for fun can make all the difference in helping you to relax.

The bottom line:

Taking a step away from the day-to-day allows you to come back to your work with fresh eyes. You’ll see things from a different perspective and make new connections which will make what you do more valuable.

2. Write every day.

You’re a blogger. I presume you LOVE to write or at least somewhat enjoy it. This comes back to the classic saying of “practice makes perfect.” While it might not be perfect, you will get better and better with time and practice.

Create a time where it’s habit to write and let the words flow. Do not put any effort into editing. Just keep typing. You can journal, write about a topic you never blog about or write something that might turn into a blog post or even an ebook! Think of what you can create over the timespan of a year – by just writing a little a day!

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3. Keep all of your ideas in one place.

We all get stuck from time to time. When you need to crank out a post, it’s no help to have to track down your ideas. Personally, I capture my ideas in different locations and ensure that they are consolidated frequently. This is one of the simplest habits that boost your productivity by keeping your content organized.

Having a trusty system to pull ideas out of on the spot will increase your brain power to execute on writing when it comes time. You don’t have to think of what you want to write about, you can just write.

4. Review your day.

You wear several different hats as a blogger. If you don’t promote your work (and get your work in front of your viewers), they won’t just come. Managing these things is difficult. It’s even more difficult if it’s all in your head.

Review your day and reflect on if you accomplished the things you intended to do. If they differed, think about why this happened… And give yourself grace if you tended to something important. Just ensure there isn’t a level of procrastination happening. Set your intentions for tomorrow so you don’t have to expend brain power thinking about that tomorrow.

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5. Social Scheduling.

Attention on most social platforms comes from being consistent. Schedule all posts once a week (or once a month) using a scheduling platform. This frees you up to engage as you see fit and keeps you from falling down the social media black hole (it’s a real thing).

Use a platform like Buffer or Hootsuite for Facebook and Twitter. Check out Tailwind or BoardBooster for Pinterest. With all these scheduling platforms available, there is one out there that will suit your needs, and they will help form the scheduling habits that boost your productivity in no time!

6. Documenting processes.

This sounds completely boring, right? I totally get that. The idea with all habits is to help you use less brain power, so you have more of it for the tasks that really matter. Any task that you will repeat will benefit from being documented. This sets the stage nicely for when you’d like to hire a VA — they can complete the work to your standards, and you only have to show them once! Sharing this process with a VA can also help them to develop their own habits that boost productivity as well as you.

You can use a tool like Evernote, SweetProcess or ProcessStreet for this. Again, research the different tools, and you can decide which one will best suit your needs!

7. Create templates

Whenever you create something new from scratch, consider how you can make that item more generic so that you can re-use it and save time in the future. This technique will also save you lots of stress because you will feel more organized with your reoccurring tasks (such as designing blog graphics).

  • Email responses: If you find yourself answering the same emails over and over, create a canned response. You can, of course, tweak individually as needed, but you can put the effort into a thoughtful response once.
  • Brand graphics: Create templates for each social network so you can easily create attention-grabbing graphics. This helps with brand recognition as well, so definitely a win-win!

The perfect time to create a new template is after you complete a new task for the first time. Make template creation a habit with this free checklist!

8. Time blocking

Parkinson’s Law applies here which simply states: “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” Get things done in less time by allocating fewer minutes to complete your tasks.

Not all time you block on your calendar should be high-impact work as you need to effectively manage other types of tasks as well. There are three types of blocks you can assign on your calendar.

  • Strategic time block: This is time spent reflecting, organizing and planning. You’ll be in a strategic mode where you make decisions about what you’re doing and where you’re going (much like a CEO). You’re working on your blog instead of on your blog.
  • Execution time block: This is time spent doing the things you’ve planned. You’ve listened to the boss (yourself), and now are focused on doing. There’s no time for second-guessing or letting fear get the better of you. If you have an issue, you can raise the flag for your next strategic time block. This is time spent working on your blog and not on your blog.
  • Buffer time block: This is time spent on admin-type tasks and things that other people need from you. This is especially relevant for email, social media outreach, and overflow for tasks that take a bit longer than you planned in execution.

9. Weekly review.

A weekly review is a time set aside to get your ducks back in a row. The grind of the day-to-day can be rather chaotic and a weekly review will help you recalibrate. Use this time to reflect on what progress was made, lessons learned, and make a plan of execution to keep your goals on track.

Finally, don’t forget to download the free habit change checklist! It’s one additional step to help you maintain your habits that boost your productivity. Save your brainpower for more important things.

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Ryun

Think about how you can use habits to boost your productivity and get more done as a blogger and business owner. What habit are you going to add?

9 Habits that Boost Your Productivity and Save Time // Miranda Nahmias

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Frenching Frogs

This article really nailed a few of the things I already do regarding my blog, but it definitely took my process to the next level. I’m definitely going to start doing a few of the items today!