Be a Featured Expert in Your Area of Expertise!

Each month, I choose 1 expert to feature as a Featured Guest Expert in my membership The Systematic Marketing School. The School has 60+ paying students who want to benefit from your expertise!

As a featured expert, you will receive:

  • A $100 expert fee, send via Paypal after all duties are performed
  • An affiliate link for The Systematic Marketing School (and my other programs)
  • A chance to pitch your paid or free offering to an engaged audience
  • Promotion throughout that month as my featured expert on that topic
  • Email addresses of anyone who signs up for your free resource

Featured experts are responsible for:

  • Submitting 1 free resource I can promote to my audience
  • Doing a 15-20-minute Facebook Live in my free Facebook group
  • Submitting 1-2 resources I will offer to my membership students
  • Doing a 30-45-minute Facebook Live in my members-only Facebook group

Experts also have the option of submitting a guest post for my website during their expert month. I highly recommend taking advantage of this, because the post will help generate longterm affiliate sales for you, and will highlight your free resource as a content upgrade. 

Current Months Available: MAY–December 2020

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How will I be able to promote my free or paid offering?
    You will have 5 minutes at the end of your members-only Live training to promote your offering. You can also include a link to that offering in your (optional) guest post. I also will typically include the link in the resources you provide.
  2. How does the affiliate link work?
    The Systematic Marketing School is $14 per month, and as an affiliate you will receive a 40% commission on each purchase of anyone you refer. This means you’ll get continuing monthly revenue if they stay a member ($5.60 per month). You will get one affiliate link that goes straight to the sales page, and another link that will go to the opt-in page of your free resource. That opt-in page has a tripwire for The Systematic Marketing School, and anyone who buys on that page (or later on, as long as their cookie is still viable) will be associated with your affiliate link. I will also continue to offer your free resource after your month is over, so if you promote your guest post or anything on my site that links to the resource (for example, sharing the pin for the post on Pinterest), you could earn future affiliate revenue that way as well. You will also be sharing your affiliate link in the description of your training in my free Facebook group. Plenty of opportunity to earn money here!
  3. Can the resources be something that I’ve already created?
    Yes! The free resource you offer can be a free resource you already offer on your site. The goal is to offer it to my audience, which will increase your list and help boost affiliate sales. The 1-2 resources you’ll also submit for the membership can be things you’ve already created, but shouldn’t be available for free on your site. Since people are paying for the membership, they expect high-quality resources.
  4. What are some examples of resources I could offer?
    A PDF guide, an ebook, a checklist, a video training, a custom spreadsheet, etc. Anything that could be used as a content upgrade, basically.
  5. Tell me more about the two Facebook Lives I’m required to do.
    Sure! So, the first one you’ll do is a 15-20-minute Facebook Live in my free Facebook group. That one should cover the very basics of your expert topic and leave them wanting more. Tell them that they can dive deeper by joining the School and coming to your second, more advanced/detailed training. It should basically either be a shortened or very bare bones version of the longer training you’ll do for the members-only students. The second training is only for members of The Systematic Marketing School and will take place in the private members-only Facebook group. This training should be 30-45-minutes long, and you can also promote your offering at the end for ~5 minutes. I’ll ask you to provide an outline for both trainings before you present them, which is a great time to ask me any questions you may have on this part. The Facebook Live will typically be of your face, as you read from an outline/notes. If you want to provide slides or a screenshare, let me know and I can make you a moderator of the group so you can use your BeLive account. Here’s an example of one I’ve done in the past.
  6. Can I do any topic?
    Pretty much! There’s some that have been done before. You can check out the resources page to see what all the different monthly themes have been. You can do something really specific, like “Facebook Pages,” or more broad like “mindset.” If you’re not sure if your topic is a good one, get in touch with me before filling out the application.

Have more questions? You can email me at