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How Does The Perfect Blog Post Package Help Build an Effective Content Marketing Funnel?


The Perfect Blog Post Package helps bring organic TRAFFIC into your funnel. 

The package includes:
• Generation of topics that will appeal to your target audience
• Clickable title copywriting to intrigue potential readers
• Expert SEO keyword research to discover the best search terms
• Full-scale keyword optimization throughout each post 
All of these things work together to attract new organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. You can also promote these posts across all of your social media channels and Pinterest to bring in even more traffic!

The Perfect Blog Post Package creates CONTENT for your target audience to consume. 

The package includes:
• Generation of topics that will appeal to your target audience
• Educational blog posts between 800-1,200 words
• High-quality content written in your brand voice 
Having amazing blog post content on your site helps showcase your expertise to your audience. The more blog posts of yours they read, the more they get nurtured and primed for purchase.

The Perfect Blog Post Package generates OPT-INS and grows your email list.

The package includes:
• Promotion of your lead magnet(s) in every blog post
• Opt-in graphic design for up to 5 different lead magnets
Really good blog posts help nurture your audience and showcase your expertise. As they’re reading the post, they’ll be encouraged to opt-in to one of your lead magnets that’s related to that specific piece of content. 

How Does This Help Me Make Sales?

Although we typically don’t see sales directly from blog posts, it definitely does happen! But the best way to utilize this package to make sales is to use the blog post content to prime and nurture your cold and warm audience members. The blog posts will help grow your list, and then once someone is on your list, you can use your newsletters and email sequences to promote your offering(s) and score sales!


Start Making Sales from Content Marketing Right Now!


1 post every other week (2-3 posts per month)
$ 400 Monthly
  • Topic Generation
  • 800-1,200 word blog posts
  • SEO keyword research + implementation
  • Enticing + clickable titles
  • Promotion of 1 lead magnet or offering in every post
  • 3 blog post graphics (1 featured image, 1 square, and 1 Pinterest)
  • Formatting and scheduling on your website


1 post per week (4-5 posts per month)
$ 675 Monthly
  • Topic Generation
  • 800-1,200 word blog posts
  • SEO keyword research + implementation
  • Enticing + clickable titles
  • Promotion of 1 lead magnet or offering in every post
  • 3 blog post graphics (1 featured image, 1 square, and 1 Pinterest)
  • Formatting and scheduling on your website
SAVE 15%


Case Studies


The Bucketlist Bombshells

Established Brand

Increased organic Google search traffic by 83% over 6 months.


Mind Body Synergies

Starting from Zero

Increased organic Google search traffic by 925% over 5 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! You can cancel at any time. We do recommend that you stick with the package for at least 3 months, as that’s about how long it takes to start seeing results. But it’s totally up to you how long you want to work with us!

It’s totally up to you! Blog post topic selection is included, but if you’d prefer to give us some direction with the topics (or even a rough outline/transcription) — that’s fine, too! We also work with several clients who have us write posts based on video or audio recordings, if you have Facebook Lives, podcast episodes, etc. that you want your blog posts based on. 

If you do want us to select topics, we will send you a list of topics with suggested titles and corresponding SEO keyword phrases to approve before we begin writing.

Check out the above blog post samples for an idea of the type of content we will create for you!

Typically, we focus on “How To” and “List” type posts that showcase your expertise and promote your lead magnet(s) or offerings/services. Our goal is to give as much value as possible while not taking away from any paid offering(s) you have.

We do our best to talk as knowledgeably as possible on your subject matter (we will do research so that we can talk about it well!), but the best posts will always be the ones that come from content provided from or directed by you, whether that’s a rough outline, a voice memo, a video/podcast recording, etc. This type of content/direction from you is optional, but preferred when possible!

While we aim to create the highest-quality content regardless of how involved you are in the process, we cannot create “tutorial” type posts that walk through technical aspects of DIYing something (i.e. How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign). Those types of detailed, step-by-step posts are best created by someone who has deep expertise and experience in your industry (i.e. you!).

We do as much optimization as possible! We start with topic generation based on research of your niche, including popular themes, relevant news, and search engine data. Then, we choose the SEO keyword phrase based on what is going to help you get the most traffic. Next, we craft a clickable title using a headline analyzer tool. Finally, we heavily optimize the blog post itself, making it easily readable, shareable, and perfect for getting ranked in search engines.

Currently, we work with WordPress, Squarespace, and Kajabi. We will also work with ShowIt if your blog is set up using WordPress.

Once you purchase, you’ll receive an automated welcome email that gives you an overview of everything that’s included in your package, plus a short checklist of what we need from you to get started. Your first post will go live about 4 weeks after you complete the checklist of everything we need from you.

Once we receive those things, we go through our onboarding process, which includes some research and getting everything organized on our end. Then, we start writing the posts!

There will be several layers of approvals and check-ins throughout the first month as we go through this process together. Then, we’ll schedule all of your posts out in advance. Once we receive your automated payment for the second month, we’ll get started on those new posts! We do everything in batches, and schedule each month of posts out in advance. 

Unless otherwise discussed, your blog posting schedule will be determined by your date of purchase and our current roster of clients. We typically publish posts on Mondays or Wednesdays. If you require a specific publication schedule, please reach out before purchase to make sure we can accommodate that.

One of the things that you’ll do right when we start working together is fill out a questionnaire that asks for some important information that will help us get a sense of your brand, style, and messaging. We use this as the foundation for everything we do when working with you. We also include several checkpoints during the content creation process, so that you have the opportunity to make any changes or request revisions.

Yes! We’ll send over all of the content for your approval before we schedule it to be published. You can make any edits you’d like directly to the Google Doc or you can request that we make changes based on your feedback. You are allowed one round of revisions per piece of content.

When we first start working together, we’ll make a list of all your lead magnets and offerings. If you do not already have blog post opt-in graphics created for them, we’ll design up to 5 opt-in graphics (1 for each lead magnet/offering). For each post, we’ll choose which lead magnet or offering would best go along with that post and then we’ll include the opt-in graphic for that lead magnet/offering several times throughout the post. When formatting the post, we’ll link that graphic to your opt-in landing page URL or pop-up. You can see an example of how these opt-in graphics look in this postNote: This package does not include set up of a landing page, pop-up, or email delivery of your opt-ins. 

Your main point of contact will be our Perfect Package Manager. She will be the one that you correspond with about your package, although sometimes I will jump in there as well. Although you won’t be talking with them directly, we also have a whole team of people who will be actually working on your blog posts, including a copywriter, graphic designer, and tech manager. We do it this way so that everything we do for you is being completed by someone who is an expert in their specific area so that the end result is of the highest quality.

We occasionally do offer custom packages depending on what your unique needs are! Please reach out to us at and we can discuss further.

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