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How to Attract More Clients in 2017

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Wow, we’re in 2017 now, you guys! I’m sure you have a bunch of awesome business goals you want to achieve this year — I know I do! I want to help you get started on achieving those goals by outlining a few ways that you can attract more clients in 2017.

These are tried and true ways I have personally used to attract more clients for my own business. I have done the trial-and-error testing for you, and I genuinely believe that if you apply these tips and methods to your business, you will see much better results.

The best thing about them is that all they require is a little creative problem solving, some solid focus, and the desire to learn and apply what you’ve learned. Let’s get to it!

How to Attract More Clients in 2017 // Miranda Nahmias

How to Attract More Clients in 2017

Attract More Clients with Professional Headshots

The first way that you can attract more clients in 2017 is to get professional headshots taken.

I know that you probably don’t have a ton of spare cash lying around, but I really think that this sounds more expensive than it actually is. I’ve seen photographers offer professional headshots for as low as $75.00!

If that’s still too much to pay (I feel you!), there are three other options for you.

Just remember — your face is what potential clients are going to remember and associate with your business. The picture of you that you use across the internet must be one that is clearly branded, shows off your personality, and is a decent-quality photograph people will like to look at.

Don’t let a silly thing like money get in the way of scoring professional shots for your business! It’s importan

Take Your Own Photos

The first DIY solution is that you can take your own! Yup, all you need is a camera (or a good smartphone), a tripod, and a remote (here’s a $6 remote similar to the one I use). Just make sure that you have good lighting (try going outside) and dress up nicely for your photo. Don’t knock it until you try it — that’s how I took mine!

If your curious, I use this iPhone monopod to take all my selfies, and to record my Facebook Lives!

Barter Your Services

The second DIY solution for getting some professional headshots taken is that you can try bartering with local photographers. As an online service provider, you probably have a solution up your sleeve for a problem they have in their business! Offer to design them a landing page, or give them a few free hours of virtual assistance.

Find a Newbie Photographer

Another solution for this is that you could also try to find beginner photographers in your area that are trying to expand their portfolio. Try reaching out in the Rising Tide Society Facebook group to find up-and-coming photographers in your area.

Let them take some snaps of you for their website (plus a glowing testimonial from you!) in exchange for a collection of edited photos you can use to attract more clients.

Attract More Clients with Your Welcome Sequence

The next thing you can do to attract more clients in 2017 is to set up a welcome sequence for all of the new potential clients on your email list.

After people sign up for your email list…what comes next?

If you have certain freebies that are specifically designed with potential clients in mind (hint: you should definitely have a few!), make sure you follow up with those new subscribers after they join your email list.

Using your email provider (I recommend either ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign), set up an automatic sequence to run after they sign up for your freebie. It should introduce you to them and encourage them to make a purchase.

Here’s an idea of what my own welcome sequence looks like:

  1. Freebie delivery
  2. Introduction to me + my business
  3. A list of my best content and a promotion of my free email course: 7 Time-Saving Systems
  4. Tips on how to delegate
  5. My personal “ah hah” moment
  6. Client case study
  7. Push for the sale

Attract More Clients Using Pinterest

If you haven’t heard by now, you should know that Pinterest is one of the BEST places for online business owners to market their products and services (and attract more clients!).

Pinterest not only sends you tons of traffic, it will also get people to sign up for your email list. So make sure you’re utilizing Pinterest to the best of your abilities.

Having trouble getting started? I highly recommend this free course from Lady Boss League that will show you how to get started on Pinterest.

The main things to keep in mind with Pinterest are:

  • Make sure you have a business account, not a personal one
  • Verify your website
  • Join and pin to plenty of group boards (join mine!)
  • Make sure your blog posts all have at least 1 vertical Pinterest graphic
  • Schedule your content with Tailwind (they have a free trial)

Attract More Clients With Your Blog Posts

It’s last on my list today, but it’s still super important. Make sure that in 2017 you are creating blog posts specific to your offerings!

For example, I created my blog post How to Get Clients for Your First Business specifically to promote my course, Four Figure Facebook Formula. Think of ways that you can promote your own products or services by creating blog posts that ultimately serve to encourage people to purchase those items (or at least sign up for your email list, where you can sell to them even more directly!).

If you’re selling a service, the best way to create a blog post around that type of offering is to come up with content that your target audience has to read. Then, create a freebie associated with it, and promote that in your blog post. Once they sign up for your freebie, put them into a welcome sequence like the one we just talked about above!

A great example of this is from Reina + Co. Reina Pomerey is a spunky business coach who works really hard to attract more clients with her blog posts. Recently, she posted one about doing and end-of-the-year reflection on your business. A few times throughout the post, she has placed a link to download her End of Year Biz Reflection Workbook! This is a perfect way to score a new potential client for her email list, where she can then work her magic to turn them into a buyer.

How can you go about doing this successfully?

If you haven’t already, spend time planning out your monthly, quarterly, and annual goals that you would like to achieve this year. Then, create content throughout those periods of time that align with your goals, which will help you attract more clients to purchase your services.

Recommended Reading: How to Systemize Your 2017 Blog Content Creation

Get ahead now, and plan out 12 weeks of content including blog posts, social media, and newsletters for your business by using my 2017 Content Creation Planner.

Each of your blog posts should have a goal in mind, whether it’s to promote a product or service, or to get people to sign up for your email list. Make sure all your content (social media and email included!) is goal-focused. Everything you create should all be building up to achieve your main goal for the month, quarter, or year.

If you take what you’ve learned here and do the work, I sincerely believe that you will see awesome results. These methods can not only breathe fresh life into what you are already doing, they can give you a nice jump start into something new.

The question is, are you ready to do the work?


How to Get More Clients For Your Business This Year // Miranda Nahmias




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