Are you a blogger who’s interested in turning your passion into a successful online business?

Good! You’re in the right place — that’s exactly what I want to help you with.

Let's Do This!

Welcome to my blog Miranda Nahmias, where you’ll find tons of helpful posts about blogging and running an online business.

I launched this blog back in 2015 as a way to start my journey as an online entrepreneur and connect with other online biz enthusiasts!

Since then, this blog has become a platform for my Virtual Assistant business, which I am now running almost full-time!

The whole point of this blog is to show you that you totally have what it takes to become an entrepreneurial superstar. All you need is a little educationa lot of dedication and hard work, plus some awesome friends to help support you!

That’s where I come in.

I’m super passionate about meeting other people who are just as passionate as I am, and watching their businesses succeed and explode!

Think of me as your own personal cheerleader, who is always here to give advice, raise questions, and help you discover how to be even better.

So, who is this girl Miranda Nahmias?

I’m 24 years old and live in Rhode Island, U.S.A. (which, unlike you might have been told, is not a part of New York).

I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Rhode Island, which is where I met Brent — my partner-in-crime, my head-over-heels love affair, my new husband! (You’ll see his name pop up quite a bit around here, as he is the Online Business Manager for my virtual assistant business!)

Together, we have two cats — Sam and Ellie — plus a guinea pig named Harvey.

My business background comes from three years of experience as an editorial assistant at a publishing company. That is where I learned my graphic design layout skills, and how I discovered my passion for administrative work.

Running my blog and online business makes me happier and more fulfilled than I ever could’ve imagined.

And you deserve to feel fulfilled and happy, too!

That is why I am so crazy about helping other entrepreneurs like myself figure out how to make their business succeed, and get the most out of a life that is not your typical 9 to 5.

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