My 5th Month Running a Biz: Income Report // Miranda Nahmias

My 5th Month Running a Biz: Income Report

The Month of April: An Overview

April was filled with a ton of ups and downs…

I created a course, 90 Days to Your Blog’s First $1k, and am currently right in the middle of pre-launch!

I also hired a design intern, which has been going amazingly well! Up until now, I’ve personally been running 100% the graphic design aspects of my business, and have really been needing someone who knows their way around InDesign.

One of my goals for this month was to make $2,000 in sales, but unfortunately that just didn’t happen. And I have to be honest with you guys that I’ve been pretty bummed out about it! I think the problem is that I’ve finally reached the limit of how much money I can take in without making drastic changes to my business.

Since I’m working just about as hard as I can and I’ve now got multiple employees helping me out, it’s clear to me that my business just isn’t physically capable of making more than around $1-2k per month, because we are simply trading time for money at this point.

So I feel sort of stuck! But because of this, I actually ended up joining a new program that I’m really excited about! It’s a 4-month group mentoring thing, run by somebody that I really look up to. Signing up for this was a pretty risky move for me, as it was a pretty hefty investment, but I’m really hoping that this will help me get a new perspective on how to really scale my business, and allow me to figure out what I truly want to accomplish by the end of this year.

A few highlights:

  • I hired my first graphic design team member, and now Miranda Nahmias is made up of 4 people!
  • 90 Days to Your Blog’s First $1k is available to purchase!
  • I started watching three new shows that I LOVE: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Nurse Jackie, and United States of Tara. I think Nurse Jackie is my top recommend out of those three if you’re looking for something new to watch and appreciate dark humor.
  • My bridal shower was at the beginning of April and it was so much fun! I can’t believe Brent and I will be married in a little over a month.


My 5th Month Running a Biz: Income Report // Miranda Nahmias

Business Goal Setting

My Goals for April 2016: Success or Failure?

I’m not sure if my sleep has gotten any better, but I have been working on it! I downloaded this neat little free app Sleep Cycle that analyzes your sleep patterns and tells you how well you slept throughout the night. It’s probably not actually helping me, but it’s kind of cool to look at your sleep cycle chart every morning.

I have been working on increasing the hours of my team members! They are still very much part-time, but one of my overall goals is to have at least one full-time employee (besides myself) by the end of the year.

Success was also had in my goal of sending out at least 5 newsletters! I’ve really been working on upping the quality of my newsletter this month and putting a lot of effort into making sure I’m giving you guys a ton of value in there. My unsubscribe rate has been decreasing, too!

My Goals for May 2016: Let’s Do This!

  • Have a plan in place for running the business while Brent and I are on our honeymoon
  • Make $2,000 in sales
  • Meet my sales goal for 90 Days to Your Blog’s First $1k
  • Reach 1,200 email subscribers

April 2016 Expenses

(P.S. Red is less profit than last month, green is more profit than last month, and black is same profit as last month)

  • Boardbooster = $5.00
  • Tailwind (annual fee, divided by 12) = $8.67
  • Design Elements = $107.00
  • ConvertKit = $29.00
  • Buffer = $10.00
  • LeadPages (annual fee, divided by 12) = $24.97
  • Blog Hosting (annual fee, divided by 12) = $10.47 
  • Software (Adobe programs, Dropbox, etc.) = $120.39
  • Paypal & Wave Transaction Fees = $43.00
  • E-Courses & Ebooks = $402.00
  • Ads & Marketing = $91.61
  • Office Supplies = $0.00
  • Team Member Payments = $497.80

Total Expenses = 1,349.91

April 2016 Income Report

  • Affiliates = $0
  • Google Adsense = $4.85
  • Virtual assistance + design clients = $1,368.00
  • Upwork clients = $95.00

Total Income = 1,467.85

Total Net Profit = $117.94

Work With Me


Wow, my profit was low this month!! This was unusual, and mostly due to three things:

  1. I did less client work than usual so that I could focus on creating 90 Days to Your Blog’s First $1k
  2. I delegated more work to my team members and therefore needed to pay them more (about twice as much as last month!)
  3. A few extra expenses, including $100 to upgrade my Dropbox account and the cost of that group program I mentioned.


Let’s take a look back at what my March 2016 stats were:

  • Number of blog posts = 5
  • Monthly blog page views = 4,931
  • Email list subscribers = 686
  • Facebook page followers = 231
  • Instagram followers = 1,473
  • Twitter followers = 1,460
  • Pinterest followers = 790
  • Google+ followers = 17

Now, here’s what was going on in April 2016:

  • Number of blog posts = 5
  • Monthly blog page views = 6,195
  • Email list subscribers = 901
  • Facebook page followers = 255
  • Instagram followers = 1,501
  • Twitter followers = 2,469
  • Pinterest followers = 958
  • Google+ followers = 21

Yay! So much growth. I’m really happy specifically with my page views, email subscribers, and Twitter followers!

May, here I come!

Let me know in the comments how much YOUR blog grew in April! Any big successes?

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14 thoughts on “My 5th Month Running a Biz: Income Report”

  1. Love seeing your posts! I want to do income reports too (too bad I don’t know my numbers   ) but I need to get financially organized first! LOL I love the sleep cycle app–I just downloaded it too and it’s been helping me get better sleep.

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      Hahaha YES you do!! I highly recommend Wave for an accounting/invoicing/financial tracking software. Plus, it’s free! Maybe something a VA could take over for you??? *hint hint* 😉

  2. So interesting to see how your income/expenses look. I’m always curious what it looks like for other bloggers. Sounds like you’re off to a great start with your goals!

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      haha I am the same way! I think that’s why I started doing them myself. Thanks so much for commenting, Rachel!! 🙂

  3. I love income reports! I just posted my second month blogging income report. At least you have actually made some money so far 🙂 I hope that over the next few month I can get some income coming in.

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      So glad you enjoyed the post, Jessica! Yes, I am happy that I’m making money! But I can’t help but compete with myself haha. I constantly want to do better and challenge myself to grow even more. I’m rooting for you!

      Have you considered taking my e-course on monetization at all? I worked really hard on it and I definitely think that it would benefit any blogger looking to grow their blog and make some income. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂 I’d love to chat anytime!

  4. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this! I love reading the income reports and more specifically stories of growth. My blog had about 10% growth last month which took a LOT of work but it’s so rewarding. Keep it up and looking forward to reading more of your reports.

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      That’s so awesome, Ahu!! Congratulations 🙂 I’m going to go check out your blog right now!

  5. My blog has seen far less growth. I’ve had my e course in pre launch for a month now and not a single sign up which is making me feel that it’s not worth putting in the hours of video editing. My social media is expanding but that’s not translating into new subscribers. However I invested in infusionsoft which is slowly getting me to a point of understanding how to tag and personally follow up with clients

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      I’m sorry to hear that Kim! I didn’t have a lot of success with my first e-course, which I started to launch and then quit halfway through. So please don’t give up! What turned things around for me so that I had more success with my second launch was a few things:

      a. Really focusing on the needs of my audience and what they are actually interested in learning.
      b. Having a real solid PLAN for the launch. I’m talking 60-90 days written down and planned out, making sure that you have relevant blog posts and newsletters (2x a week) once you’ve started pre-launch.
      c. Adding bonuses! Other people’s products or additional content of your own creation.

      That’s awesome that you invested in Infusionsoft! I’ve never used it before, but I’m so curious. I hope this helped! Let me know if you want to chat more about this 🙂 You can reach me at my email anytime (I’m quicker to respond there):

  6. Girl, your newsletters got me hooked this month! I save any good newsletter and then I like to go through and read them and write notes on them. I did this with EVERY single one of your newsletter for April and will for the remainder of the year!

    It’s been so crazy to read your Income Report each month and see how much you’ve grown. Hopefully within the next few months I’ll be able to provide Income Reports for my website and share in the success!

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      You are seriously the BEST! I really really appreciate the support, and I can’t wait to see more from you as well 🙂

  7. Miranda,

    I found you in Mary’s FB group. I’m new here so don’t know much about your biz, but will back track and look over your income reports. I just started a new blog (it’s not my first or primary blog) and my goal for that blog is to eventually monetize it. But, I’m going to build a following and traffic first before I start thinking about creating a course or doing affiliate marketing.

    That’s great you have a team and that you’ve invested in your biz to scale it. Having a mentor or coach can be what gets you to the next level! Good luck.

    1. Miranda Nahmias

      Hi Elna! Yes I’m a fan of yours! I follow both of your blogs 🙂 I’m excited to follow the progress of your new blog!

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