Your Blog Needs Beautiful Design: 19 Free Resources! Via @mirandanahmias

Your Blog Needs Beautiful Design: 19 Free Resources

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19 Free Design Resources to Improve Your Blog


If you participated in the first session of my free email course #COLORCOURSE: How to Create a Color Scheme for Your Blog, then you just discovered one of my all-time FAVORITE free design resources that I use all. the. time. when working on my blog + doing graphic design for my clients.

It’s Coolors! Coolors is one of the most awesome design resource that you can use to easily and super quickly create color schemes!

Now, you should probably have an idea of what kinds of colors you’re going for first, before you just hop in their and start creating schemes all willy-nilly! (That’s why I created my free course). But it can also be fun to just sit there and click the space bar, watching as color scheme after adorable color scheme comes flashing across your screen!

So, even if you haven’t taken my course and you aren’t interested in coming up with a new color scheme for your brand, Coolors can be such a fun website to play around with. And it’s a big help for when I’m working with clients, as a lot of them don’t already have a scheme set in place!

Coolors is also a nifty tool that can pick out any specific color from a photo and give you its color code! So, if you see a super pretty purple in a photo you came across on Pinterest, you can easily just upload the picture into Coolors, select that gorgeous hue, and there you go!

Now that you have the HEX code, you could even use that as the color of your text next time you’re creating a Pinterest image in Canva for one of your blog posts!

Seriously, Coolors is one of my FAVORITE free graphic design resources. And because so many people who took my course were excited about discovering it — here’s 18 more free graphic design resources that can help you DIY your own graphics for your blog!

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Your Blog Needs Beautiful Design! 19 Free Graphic Design Resources that Will Help You Improve Your Blog // Miranda Nahmias Design

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8 months 2 days ago

Great resources thanks for sharing this 😍

Lori McCullough
Lori McCullough
8 months 2 days ago

Looks like the link for the download is broken … Maybe it’s my end, but I just get a page of code when I click. Hope it’s nothing ….

Lottie Reeves
8 months 11 hours ago

This is awesome, thanks! I am currently rebranding my social enterprise so will give it a go 🙂

8 months 10 hours ago

I signed up for this and totally forgot. I think I have the emails saved, I will go back and read through them. These are great resources.

Sara Strauss
8 months 5 hours ago

I’ve never heard of it before! Definitely going to check it out!

Lori Hil
7 months 29 days ago

I didn’t know about Coolers. That is delightful!

Ally Fiesta
7 months 29 days ago

Thank you for this list. I’m currently upgrading older still relevant blog posts with new graphics for sharing. I’m a MAJOR fan of canva – totally changed my pinterest game. I pinned this so my followers can enjoy this pdf! Thank you.

Cathy Baker
7 months 29 days ago

Hi Miranda! I’m visiting from the Beautiful Blog FB posts and I’m so delighted yours is one I chose. What a great site you have! This post is bookmarked and I look forward to visiting your site again.

Alissia Haggard
7 months 29 days ago

I love all the graphic design resources I can get! Thanks for sharing!

Amber Temerity
7 months 29 days ago

This is a great resource, thank you!

7 months 27 days ago

Definitely downloaded this! Thank you for sharing!

Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout

Ooh, I’ve never used Coolers before but perhaps I should try it! Thanks for the rec! And totally grabbing the free resource guide + your email course — super excited to up my design game. Fabulous resources, Miranda 🙂

Thank you for commenting on The Devil Orders Takeout!