Exactly How to Use Asana to Free Up Loads of Time in Your Business!
Take Advantage of Asana for Your Business
Master your to-do lists, assign tasks to team members, and keep on top of ongoing projects. Asana is the best (and absolutely free!) project management software for small online businesses like yours.
Chat With Team Members
Use the chat feature to correspond about important tasks so that everyone is on the right page
Write It Down Now
Make use of Asana's to-do list features to keep up with your client projects and deadlines
See Everything At a Glance
Manage all the moving parts of your business, and see your ongoing and future projects at a glance.

PART 1: Comparison of project management systems.

PART 2: The ins and outs of Asana for beginner and intermediate users. How to set up your account and maximize its potential.

PART 3: An INSIDE SNEAK-PEEK into exactly how I structure my own personal Asana account, and what templates I use to run my business every day.

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