Styled Stock Photography Buyer's Guide

15 Reasons Styled Stock Photography Will Make You Money

I’ve been working on something for you guys!

Even before starting this blog, I’ve been a little obsessed with styled stock photography. I think that it’s absolutely beautiful, and I love seeing it being used by bloggers.

But I want to make sure that you guys aren’t all using the same photographers! Nobody wants to create a perfect graphic or header using a stock image they’ve purchased, and then see it on a million other blogs.

So I created a little PDF for you guys that will make sure that never happens to you!

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15 Reasons Styled Stock Photography Will Make You Money

  1. It looks 100x more professional than your photos ever will.

    Okay, I’m generalizing here. But I’m just going to guess that most of you guys aren’t professional photographers. (And if you are? Well then, you, my dear, get a very special Reason #16, which is “people love styled stock photography and you should go sell some right now!”).

    But, yeah. I own a professional camera and I’m working on getting better (I think you can see a little bit of the progression on my Instagram feed), but I still am nowhere near as good as even most of the least-expensive styled stock photographers.

  2. You can buy styled stock photography that fits in with your brand.

    Branding is so important, guys. SO IMPORTANT. I try to stay as on-brand as possible (i.e. by making every as feminine as possible — I’ll admit it, I’m a total girly girl! — and by keeping my colors very on point).

    Miranda Nahmias has three colors — pink, cranberry, and white. So, if I was going to try to use an image to accentuate one of my blog posts, ideally it would match those colors. Or at least not look weird in combination with them. So I’m stuck either trying to find a free image that fits my parameters, or create graphics made up of colors and text only. I do that some of the time, but all of the time? Boooooooring.

    Look, SC Stockshop sells this awesome one that almost perfectly matches my aesthetic!


  3. You will set yourself up as an expert.

    It’s a fact that one of the best ways to make your blog look like it is useful and a worthy source of information is to have awesome design and graphics. If your photos are amazing, your readers will automatically trust you more, and assume that you and your site are more valuable.

  4. You can use it to sell your infoproducts!

    If you know how to use software like Photoshop, you can easily create a gorgeous mockup showing off your ebook or workbook, that will make people way more likely to buy. Here’s an example of what you could do with an image from Studio Chic Designs:


  5. You can use it to sell physical products, too!

    Have a mug or art print you want to sell? Styled stock has you covered! Look at this gorgeous one from White Hart Design Co.


  6. Bookmark your favorites and try to recreate them at home with your own camera and items.

    Sure, you may not be a professional photographer yet, but if you have a DSLR camera and practice a lot, you could potentially see a lot of improvement! Maybe you could even take all of your own styled stock photography for your blog. Or get really good and start selling it!

  7. You can buy themed styled stock photography for holiday advertisements or blog posts.

    This holiday-themed styled stock image from Kate Maxwell is gorgeous.


  8. Edit the same photo in multiple ways to get more use out of it!

    Diva Gona Domestic has a great post about how to get multiple uses out of one of her styled stock photos.


  9. Styled stock allows you to make a good first impression.

    First impressions are everything. If somebody comes across your blog and sees horrible photography or unprofessional graphics, they are not going to subscribe and they are not going to purchase anything from you.

  10. Use styled stock photography on your business card.

    You could either edit a photo as the background for your business card, or even advertise your digital business card or business card design using a styled stock photo like this one from Make Things Beautiful:


  11. Edit a photo and use it as a branded cover page for your ebook or workbook.

    Turn down the opacity on a vertical styled stock photo (or one that you have cropped to be vertical), and display your ebook title in large bold font.

  12. Advertise your blog post title on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with a styled stock background.

    If you’re using styled stock photography in your blog post (or even if you’re not!), feature it in the design of the graphic you use to advertise your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Kate Maxwell even sells photos specifically for Instagram!


  13. They are a versatile and inexpensive investment for your blog.

    As you can see from this list, you can do a ton of different things with styled stock photography! And there are companies out there who sell their images for as little as $5! Imagine the possibilities.

  14. Create a captivating and professional Pinterest graphic.

    If you have learned anything from Melyssa at The Nectar Collective, you’ll know that Pinterest is a huge money-maker for a lot of bloggers. If you use professional-looking graphics for the pins that go back to your site, you will attract more people to click, and therefore end up making more sales!

    Elle from Wonderfelle World made great use of this style stock photograph to create a gorgeous and effective Pinterest graphic for her post about Hootsuite vs. Buffer:


  15. And, finally, most importantly — you will be supporting a small business.

    If you know me at all, you know that I am a hugely supportive person and that I think it’s one of the most important things ever. Actually, no, it’s the most important. Supporting people and letting yourself be seen as someone who is giving, caring, and all around just a nice person, will automatically give your business a huge boost. People will like you and want to support you back!

    But don’t even do it because of that, please. Being nice and being supportive are simply great qualities to possess, and encouraging yourself to practice that as much as possible is the best way to guarantee yourself a happy and fulfilling life.

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Styled Stock Photography Buyer's Guide

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Miranda – great post! You are so right – nobody wants to use a stock image on their blog and then see the same shot everywhere. Bloggers need unique images that express their own style. I love the look of your blog. And I love the whole ‘Kate Spade’ aesthetic that is so popular now. My personal style swings between modern and bohemian, finding just the right mix is a challenge! Please check out my styled stock photography: I try to offer a range of looks in addition to the gold/white/ pink theme. Design themes change over time and… Read more »
Miranda Nahmias

Thanks so much for commenting, Laura!! I love your shop, I’m going to add you to the list (I will be updating it monthly with new shops that I find). I like that your aesthetic has this modern-rustic type feel to it.

Would love to collaborate with you 🙂 Did you have something particular in mind?


Beautiful images!


I absolutely love this post, in fact it’s bookmarked for future reference. As a photographer, I know how much a picture is worth a thousand words. Lately I’ve been utilizing number 14 in order to boost interaction with my Pinterest account. Thanks for the awesome content.

x Sola |


I had no idea this even existed. I should have the market for this is at and all time high I would think. Can you tell me where I can get a logo I will love?


Thank you so much Miranda for featuring my shops on your blog, I am so super grateful!


Wow! Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog! We love styled images and thing they create such an impact on your brand!!! I’d love to invite you and your readers to sign up for our newsletter and receive a free image! xoxo!

Miranda Nahmias

Thanks so much, Tara! Signing up right now 🙂

Petra Veikkola

Thank you so much Miranda for adding my little styled stock image shop into your great list!

I’ve also started blogging (a slow start but I’m going to post more often now!) and will give advice on styling, photography and much more. There’s also a free lifestyle image bundle for a signup:

Miranda Nahmias

Thanks for letting me know, Petra!! Checking it out right now 🙂

Brandi Kennedy

This is a great list to have put together, and your suggestions for using this type of photography really get the ideas flowing. Thanks!